Why choose a Syncrolift shiplift?

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Rolls-Royce is totally dedicated to designing and supplying systems that are the world’s most advanced by using proven components that are constantly refined with state-of-the-art technology.

This enables us to provide safe, more reliable and flexible methods of dry-docking. We pride ourselves in being the world leader in shiplift system technology with the broadest engineering capability, able to cost effectively lift and transfer vessels of just 100 tonnes up to 100,000 tonnes.

How does a Rolls-Royce Syncrolift® shiplift compare with other types of dry-docks?

In recent years, a Syncrolift has been selected in virtually every new installation where the vessel docking weight was between 150 and 25,000 tonnes.

Generally, there are five types of dry-docks - the mobile travel lift, the marine railway, the shiplift, the floating dry-dock and the graving dock or basin. Compared to other generic dry-docking systems, Syncrolift shiplifts excel in :

  • Speed of dry-docking and transfer
  • Safety
  • Ease of operation
  • Low maintenance
  • Environmental desirability
  • Very cost efficient to operate

Most importantly, a Syncrolift, when used with a transfer system, feeds numerous shore berths and the shiplift platform itself always remains available for emergency ship repair opportunities.

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