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Transfer systems - maximise the investment

Almost every modern Syncrolift® in service supports an adjacent multi-berth facility.  More berths mean more earning power and dry berths can be easily added. The only real constraint on any installation is the size of the ships to be docked and the total available space.  As each shipyard has its own unique environment, layout and operating requirements there is no 'standard design'.  Rolls-Royce will select the system that maximises earning potential and provide a cost effective turnkey solution.

Through-life support

Rolls-Royce offer various levels of through-life support for each Syncrolift installation and operate a worldwide 5 star maintenance programme. Customer can select the programme that suits them best.

1 STAR - Annual Inspection (A.I) 
2 STAR - A.I. Plus Site Supervision of Key Annual Maintenance.
3 STAR - A.I. Plus 2 STAR Level Key Annual Maintenance.
4 STAR - 3 STAR with Increased Level Semi-Annual Maintenance. 
5 STAR - Complete Maintenance Responsibility

Rolls-Royce maintains a large field support staff of engineers. This staff is on call 24 hours a day, and ready to be dispatched to any Syncrolift installation, usually within 24 hours. These engineers are available for training, retraining, inspection, repair, testing and start-up services.

Each time we deliver a shiplift, we prepare a set of manuals that are unique to that Syncrolift installation. An identical copy of these manuals is maintained in Annapolis so that any question can be dealt with by people on two ends of a telephone or email, dealing with identical instructions. This often saves the need for a field trip.

Often it is necessary for a shipyard to dock an unusual vessel, one that does not match the exact limitations of the shiplift. It is very common for the shipyard to query our engineering department for an opinion or methodology to accommodate these odd vessels. We welcome such queries, and answers are provided quickly and completely.

Rolls-Royce maintains comprehensive records of every installation including detailed service records. We provide a complete spare parts and servicing function and will be pleased to quote on various levels of maintenance contracts. A planned maintenance service can be provided on request and a number of clients employ Rolls-Royce to undertake regular routine inspections.

Occasionally a customer requires assistance in selling an existing Syncrolift shiplift, either because he is discontinuing operations or is planning a larger shiplift. We have provided this service several times.

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