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The world’s most experienced supplier of shiplifts

The Syncrolift® shiplift system owned by Rolls-Royce was invented in 1954 and the first Syncrolift was built in Miami, Florida, in 1957. It is still operating today, using the same motors, gears and controls. During the 1960’s, Syncrolift shiplifts for vessels of 100 to 10,000 deadweight tonnes were installed in countries from the Arctic to the Equator.

In most cases, onshore transfer systems were installed in conjunction with the Syncrolift platform to permit the shipyard to accommodate several vessels at one time depending upon the available land.

Syncrolift® - world leader in shiplift technology

Rolls-Royce values the opportunity to assist customers in planning their modern drydocking needs. As the world’s most experienced supplier of shiplifts, we benefit from the skills gained in completing more than 240 successful installations, and the resources of Rolls-Royce, a global multi-million dollar business.

Syncrolift is the world market leader in the design and supply of shiplifts and transfer systems. Rolls-Royce Syncrolift orders currently stand at more than $90m. There is no limit to the lifting capacity and the horizons for Syncrolift capacity is continually expanding.

Shiplifts and associated transfer systems provide modern technology for the docking and handling of maximum lifting.

  • More than 240 Syncrolifts have been installed in 70 countries
  • Capable of undocking ships ranging from 150 tonnes to more than 25000 tonnes docking displacement weight
  • Installations well in excess of 60,000 tonnes have been engineered and are practicable
  • Modular design – simple upgrading to suit changing docking needs
  • Multiple vessel dry-berthing with a single Syncrolift

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