Syncrolift for Vietnam

Case study

After a break of nearly 40 years, when four small Syncrolift® shiplifts were installed in the country during the late 1960s, a new shiplift has been commissioned at a Vietnamese Ministry of Defence shipyard.

Located at Song Thu, Danang, the 1,650tonne capacity Syncrolift is 60m long, 18m wide and uses ten 210-tonne hoists. A single level side transfer system provides access to the shore berths where vessels will be built and repaired. A Syncrolift is one of the safest and quickest methods of dry-docking ships. Each system incorporates the simple-to-operate ATLAS dockmaster load measuring system that provides vital data on the vessel being docked. It displays and records the weight distribution on the platform and total displacement.

Other readings determine the load distribution profile of the vessel and its longitudinal and transverse centres of gravity. Rolls-Royce is also supplying a second unit, of similar size and capacity, for the Vietnamese Ministry of Defence shipyard 189, at Hia Phong. The installation was completed in 2009.

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