Largest shiplift in southern hemisphere now operational

The largest shiplift® in the southern hemisphere, installed as a key element of a major new shipbuilding and ship repair development at Techport Australia in Osborne, South Australia, officially opened for service.The Techport Australia Syncrolift installation has been one of the largest Rolls-Royce shiplift programmes for many years and is an important step in the growth of the Rolls-Royce Marine business in Australia.

Rolls-Royce partnered with a number of Australian businesses to build the 156 metre-long Syncrolift which includes a ship transfer system from Norwegian company TTS that will move vessels between the Syncrolift and maintenance/build berths on shore.

The Syncrolift has capacity for ships of up to 9,300 tonnes, including the Royal Australian Navy’s (RAN) new generation of Air Warfare Destroyers, which will be built by ASC at Techport Australia. Techport Australia can accommodate a future increase of the Syncrolift to 210 metres, with capacity for Panamax-size ships.

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