Syncrolift shiplifts and transfer systems


Increasing operating efficiency by reducing dry-docking times

Rolls-Royce Syncrolift® shiplifts and transfer systems are used to increase efficiency and reduce drying-docking times at many of the world’s leading shipyards. To date some 240 Syncrolifts have been installed in 70 countries. Lifting capacities of these facilities range in size from 150 tonnes to over 25,000 tonnes, and installations well in excess of 60,000 tonnes have been engineered and are practicable.

What is a Syncrolift system?

A Syncrolift® system is simply a large elevator which raises and lowers vessels in and out of the water for dry-docking ashore.

How does the Syncrolift system work?

To dock a vessel, the platform and cradle are lowered into the water, and the vessel moved into place over the platform.  When in position, the Syncrolift Dockmaster raises the platform, removing the vessel from the water.  Work on the vessel can then be done in situ, or the vessel transferred ashore, leaving the Syncrolift available to dock other vessels.  On completion, the process is reversed.

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