Kamewa SL-Series waterjets

Very large waterjets

For powers above 25MW with pump diameters over 200cm

The Kamewa SL-series has been developed for powers in excess of 24MW requiring impeller diameters over 2meters. Input powers up to 50MW have been studied.

Manufactured from stainless steel, the mechanical layout is divided into a series of elements. The inlet duct is integrated into the hull structure. The impeller chamber is bolted to the transom and inlet duct.

Outboard of this is the guide vane chamber and the steering and reversing unit.

Rolls-Royce super large water



  • Stainless steel construction for maximum wear and corrosion resistance
  • Innovative weight saving thrust bearing incorporates PTFE thrust pads and dynamic positioning of the impeller to compensate for wear or changes in water temperature
  • 90 per cent + efficiency due to mixed flow pump design
  • Each unit designed and customised to meet the vessels operating profile
  • The world's largest waterjet

The impeller shaft is supported by a downsteam bearing, has the seal box at its inboard end on the intake duct, and is supported within the hull by a split bearing.

The massive thrust is absorbed by a thrust block, positioned in the hull, which uses PTFE face thrust pads to reduce weight.

A unique positioning system ensures optimum tip clearance between the impeller and its chamber, and can also be used to compensate for wear.

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