Kamewa S3-Series waterjets

S3 waterjets

Small and light with increased propulsive efficiency

The new Kamewa S3 series of stainless steel waterjets builds on experience gained from the successful SII series and offers a significant increase in efficiency and a reduction in size, weight and life-cycle costs.

It also incorporates a host of improvements in a lighter, more compact, yet heavy-duty waterjet design that minimises noise and vibration.

Rolls-Royce Kamewa S3 waterjet


  • Stainless steel construction for maximum wear and corrosion resistance
  • Reduced transom flange diameter, less entrained water, lower weight
  • 90 per cent + efficiency due to mixed flow pump design
  • Inlet duct optimised for each vessel
  • Light and robust and bucket and control system for improved manoeuvring

For most applications a unit one size smaller than previously specified will give the same performance, giving a 25 per cent reduction in the total unit weight plus entrained water and a transom flange diameter 12 per cent smaller.

Within a given frame size, each waterjet can be optimised for the installation.

Different nozzle diameters provide the right balance between vessel speed and jet velocity, various impeller blade angles can be chosen to match shaft speed, and many shapes of inlet duct are used to avoid flow separation and cavitation.

A revised bucket system cast in stainless steel optimises the distribution of material, providing a strong but light manoeuvring system.

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