Kamewa FF-Series waterjets

FF-Series waterjets

Compact power from 100kW to 2,200kW

Kamewa FF-series aluminium waterjets are the lightest and most powerful on the market. This has been proven time and again in extensive performance evaluation programmes.

The single-stage axial flow pump design gives high volume flow and good pulling thrust at low speeds. The Impeller, shaft and steering reversing rods are the only stainless steel components of this truly lightweight design.

The impeller housing is lined with a special material to minimise wear and noise, and the inlet duct is fabricated and can adapted to suit V-bottomed hulls.

Rolls-Royce Kamewa FF-Series waterjet



  • Lightweight all aluminium construction with compact mixed flow pump
  • Simple to service
  • Range of impellor designs - jet can be performance matched to powerplant
  • Can be bolted or welded to the hull
  • Good pulling thrust at slow speeds

As a number of impeller options are available, pumps are normally designed to match the rpm of the engine, therefore a reduction gearbox is not always required.

Units can be bolted or welded to the hull and can be installed on planing or displacement craft as single, twin, triple or quadruple systems.

Thrust control is via levers or a single 'Vector stick'. Integrated control of the interceptor trim tabs and the steering nozzles provides the best possible combination of precise control, high efficiency and comfort at any speed.

(Image: Top left - Patrol craft Giha - Crown copyright)

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