Kamewa A-Series waterjets

Optimum efficiency in the 200kW to 2,800kW power band

Improved for even better performance

The new Kamewa A3 series is the next advance in the popular A–series, and incorporates numerous improvements made possible by improvements in design, testing and production techniques.

[image] 56A3 waterjet upfront view, bucket up

Heavy duty Stainless Steel pump unit with superior performance

The new Kamewa A3 series is equipped with a Stainless Steel pump unit providing the best possible durability and efficiency. Improved efficiency can be translated into reduced fuel consumption for a given workload and consequently lower CO2 emissions.

Improved low and high speed performance in the same package

Advantages for the user have been achieved through a variety of developments. At the heart of the A3 waterjet is a redesigned mixed flow pump, with much improved cavitation margin. The result of CFD techniques combined with extensive testing in the cavitation tunnels at the Rolls-Royce Hydrodynamics Research Centre.

Increased reversing thrust

A new compact and highly efficient reversing bucket provides the highest reverse thrust levels on the market, some 16% higher than its predecessor although almost 20% narrower. This not only saves weight but also provides superior position keeping and manoeuverability at zero speed.

Higher curve speed

The new stainless steel steering nozzle provides a 2-3 knot higher speed in tight turns. In addition, full scale tests confirm the new nozzle to be significantly quieter than the earlier design.

Modular interceptor trim

All Kamewa A3 waterjets can be delivered with new modular interceptor trim tabs bolted directly onto the waterjet. The modular bolt installation enables easy retrofitting. The trim system, which includes hydraulics and control panels for electronics improves acceleration and low speed characteristics, in addition to trim angle adjustment.

Booster units are also available

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