Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets

As the world leader in waterjet propulsion, Rolls-Royce provides solutions for customers around the world. Our Kamewa waterjets power the smallest inshore craft up to the largest ferries and the latest high speed naval craft.

Rolls-Royce A-Series WaterjetsKamewa A-Series waterjets

Medium-sized waterjets with stainless steel mixed flow technology with aluminium inlet duct/hydraulics. Powers up to 2.8MW with pump diameters 36-56cm.

Kamewa FF-Series waterjetsKamewa FF-Series waterjets

Medium and small-sized aluminium waterjets with flexible axial flow technology with aluminium inlet duct/hydraulics. Powers up to 1.8MW with pump diameters  24-67cm.

Kamewa S3-series waterjetKamewa S3-Series waterjets

Large waterjets with stainless steel mixed flow technology and optimised inlet duct design. Powers 1-40MW with pump diameters 45-200cm.

Kamewa super large waterjetKamewa SL-Series waterjets

Extra large waterjets with stainless steel mixed flow technology. Powers above 27MW with pump diameters over 200cm.

Why choose Rolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets?

  • World leader with 40 years waterjet experience 
  • Designed for the highest powers & speeds with flexible controls
  • High efficiency mixed flow or flexible axial flow technology
  • Suitable for most applications
  • Select from durable stainless steel or lightweight aluminium pump units
  • Supported by world-class hydrodynamic skills and expertise

Waterjets are in a class of their own because of their versatile operating characteristics, which permit easy and accurate control of the craft at all speeds and in waters too shallow for vessels with conventional propulsion systems.

At high speeds, the unrivalled efficiency of Kamewa waterjet propulsion offers either a greater top speed or better fuel economy. No reversing gearbox is required, stopping distances are short and craft can turn on the spot or even manoeuvre sideways.

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