Tunnel Thruster - Type Standard

The Rolls-Royce range of tunnel thrusters are fitted to a wide range of vessels operating in all corners of the word.

The tunnel thruster is designed to provide side force to the ship to enhance manoeuvring capability in port or additional station keeping power when dynamic positioning.

Users can select from eleven diameters and four different models, each designed to suit a specific application. A system normally consists of the thruster unit with tunnel, hydraulic equipment, remote control and electric drive motor with starter.

Tunnel Thruster Standard Type Lge


  • Available with FP or CP propellers
  • Skewed blades for efficiency/low noise
  • Heavy duty propeller with double lip seal
  • Shaft seal pressure control with drain connection in DP thrusters
  • Mechanical locked bearings in DP thrusters

Available with CP or FP propellers and with the follow configurations:

  • AUX: Standard type for auxiliary use only
  • ICE: High ice-class with stainless steel propeller blades
  • DPN: Continuous DP service - shallower draught vessels
  • DPD: Continuous DP service - deeper draught vessels

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