Rolls-Royce is a market leader in the supply of Kamewa® and Bird-Johnson™ Fixed Pitch (FP) and Controllable Pitch (CP) propellers, workwheels and the Adjustable Bolted Propeller (ABP).

The simple and efficient construction provides high operational reliability along with easy maintenance, which gives best possible total economy.

[Image - ABP] Adjustable Bolted Propellers (ABP)Adjustable bolted propellers

The adjustable bolted propeller allows the most efficient blade matching for optimum efficiency, while simplifying the installation process.

Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP)Controllable Pitch Propeller

Rolls-Royce Controllable Pitch Propellers are suitable for all vessels where flexibility in power control is important. They are available for powers from 500kW with no upper limit.

Fixed Pitch Propellers (FPP)Fixed pitch propellers

Rolls-Royce FPPs deliver optimum cavitation and vibration performance with improved structural integrity.

The flexibility in design makes the propellers ideal for a wide range of vessels and powers. The characteristics of our Bird–Johnson and Kamewa propellers provide good fuel economy, low vibration and noise levels and no harmful cavitation.

They are usually designed for the specific vessel to deliver the optimum in propeller efficiency.

Typical applications

  • Fast ferries
  • Cruise ships
  • Container vessels
  • Cargo vessels
  • Tankers
  • Naval vessels
  • Offshore vessels

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