Fixed pitch propellers

Rolls-Royce has many years of experience in the design of fixed pitch propellers. In the US we have our own foundry capable of producing fixed pitch propellers up to 10m diameter in a variety of materials, to the exacting tolerances required for modern naval platforms.

The characteristics of the Bird-Johnson and Kamewa range of FP propellers provide good fuel economy, low vibration/noise levels and no harmful cavitation. They are usually individually designed for the specific vessel, to deliver the optimum in propeller efficiency.

The Rolls-Royce SKF propeller sleeve

This propeller sleeve is a unique concept that simplifies propeller removal and mounting, provides full inter-changeability between operating propeller and spare propeller, and reduces the need for a spare propeller shaft. It offers considerable cost savings in terms of downtime, maintenance and repairs.

The SKF propeller sleeve also generates major savings by speeding up the installation process, eliminating match marking or gauges. The FPP is designed with either a taper shaft or SKF sleeve.

Complete FPP package

  • Individual design
  • Monobloc propellers of moderate or high-skew designs for both open and nozzle applications
  • Shafting with stern tube, bearings, sealings, nozzle, etc.
  • The SKF Propeller Sleeve
  • Shaft calculations, such as whirling and alignment
  • Performance guarantees
  • Promas optimised 

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