Azimuthing electrical podded propulsor

The pod propulsion system is available from 4-27MW

The Rolls-Royce electrical pod, type Mermaid, propulsion system offers flexibility in machinery and vessel arrangement, and gives improved efficiency and excellent manoeuvrability.

The outboard unit is 360 degrees rotatable for manoeuvring purposes. In transit the steering is optimised to achieve optimal comfort and performance.

Illustration showing cross section of a Rolls-Royce azimuthing electrical podded propulsor

The main component in the underwater unit is the electric motor, either a synchronous type with brushless excitation or with an induction motor. In both cases, the stator is shrink-fitted in the pod housing to optimise hydrodynamics and cooling.

Mermaid PUSH - A special pushing design is available with nozzle, especially suitable at low speed. The power range is from 5 to 13 MW.Mermaid ICE - The ice-strengthened design ranges from all Baltic classes up to the toughest arctic conditions. Available with excellent hydrodynamic performance up to IACS PC4.Mermaid HICE - Pods for heavy ice applications can be designed up to PC1. The power range is from 4 to 15 MW.

The rotor is mounted directly on the propeller shaft which is supported by state-of-the-art roller bearings on both sides. It is also equipped with a shaft brake, locking device and equipment to slowly turn the shaft in order to assist when undertaking maintenance work.

The propeller is a fixed pitch high skew type, designed for low noise and low vibration. It can be delivered either as a monobloc or with separately bolted blades, with the benefit that they can be changed individually in case of damage.

All seals against seawater are of environmentally friendly type, i.e. in case of any single seal failure oil spill into water will be prevented.

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