Azimuthing swing-up thrusters

This thruster swings up into a housing in the hull when not in use. It can quickly be swung down about a horizontal axis into the operating position.

This azimuth thruster range pivots up into a housing in the hull and therefore does not protrude from keel. They are available in powers from 736 to 3,000kW and FP or CP propellers can be specified.In operation, it functions as an azimuth thruster and is designed to develop maximum bollard pull in the manoeuvring condition, or to provide positioning power for station keeping.

The thruster has the added safety benefit of functioning as a «get you home» drive. A high thrust is developed in relation to input power, and this thrust can be vectored in any desired direction.

In the stowed position the thruster does not protrude below the vessel’s keel/ baseline, an important consideration for shallow water operations.

Additional azimuth thrusters are often located at the lowest possible position in the hull due to space envelope restrictions, especially for equipment mounted at the bow, and thrusters need to be retracted into the hull when not in use.


  • Space saving installation, no protrusion from keel
  • Operates as azimuth or side thruster
  • Diesel or electric drive
  • Available with CP or FP propellers

[Image - Swing up thruster] The thruster is 360 degrees rotatable and swings up into a shallow recess in the hull bottom. 

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