Azimuthing retractable thrusters

The range of Rolls-Royce retractable thruster has the same main components as our other azimuthing thrusters.

[Image] Rolls-Royce azimuthing retractable thruster The retractable thrusters provide fast hydraulic lifting and lowering of the unit. UL thruster type is designed for horizontal drive with automatic drive shaft disconnecting system and ULE type is designed for vertical drive.

The mounting is a "bolt-in" top mounted type. The thruster is lowered into the hull casing, bolted to the casing counter flange and aligned. The lower end of the lifting cylinder and the top of the upper guide rails are connected firmly by brackets to the ship's construction.

Drive shaft arrangement
Standard drive shaft arrangement is a complete assembly with a solid shaft including bearings, a remote controlled clutch and a flexible coupling for prime mover.

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