Azimuthing contra-rotating propellers

The Contaz azimuth thruster range with contra-rotating propellers covers input powers from 2,200 to 3,700 KW and is specifically designed for merchant vessels and offers improved propulsion efficiencies of around 10-15% over conventional azimuth thrusters.

The aft propeller regains some of the energy losses in the stream as well as significant rotational losses, therefore there is a lower installed power requirement that can release space and lowers fuel consumption.

Contaz combines benefits of contra-rotating propellers with Azimuth thrusters

Model variations

  • Each unit custom designed to suit the vessel.
  • Select form a wide range of stem lengths.
  • Reduction ratios optimised for application
  • Clutch options – soft on/off


  • Space saving with low installed power requirement
  • Full steering control at slow speeds
  • Small propeller diameter, ideal for shallow draft vessels
  • Low noise and vibration

Contaz combines the benefits of contra-rotating propellers with azimuth thrusters.

Excellent low noise and vibration characteristics, and manoeuvrability at slow speeds, combine with smaller propeller diameters (20% smaller than single screw installations) to make Contaz ideal for passenger/car ferries and shallow draft vessels.

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