Azimuthing pulling propeller

The Azipull combines the advantages of the pulling propeller with the flexibility of mechanical drive, and can be linked to any prime mover (diesel, gas turbine or electric motor) dependant on individual customer requirements.

[Image - Azipull thruster] Azipull is the newest azimuth thrusters in the Rolls-Royce range and is a low drag, highly efficient pulling thruster.It is designed to offer efficient propulsion and manoeuvring on higher speed vessels.  The streamlined leg and skeg recover swirl energy from the slipstream, raising overall propulsive efficiency.

The leg has a wide chord to optimise rudder effect and improve course stability. Azipull is available with a controllable or fixed pitch propeller. CP propellers give greater flexibility with regard to prime mover selection.

With FP propeller selection the Azipull units must be integrated to the ship and designed into the hull form for the best results, with reduced hull insertion loads.

The upper gear housing, steering gear and auxiliaries are from the standard Rolls-Royce azimuth thruster range to maximise spares commonality.


  • Highly efficient mechanical drive pulling thruster
  • Good manoeuvrability and course stability
  • Can be coupled to virtually any prime mover
  • Available with CP or FP propellers

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