Rolls-Royce is a leading developer and supplier of propulsion equipment.  Ongoing research and development is the key to the success of Rolls-Royce with a total investment in the overall product range exceeding £5 billion in the last decade.

The standard Rolls-Royce US range comprises seven standard Z-drive units with input powers from 330-3,050kW and a bollard pull ranging from 11-99 tons. (For higher powers see the UUC range) Azimuth thrusters

Rolls-Royce is one of the world's leading manufacturers of azimuth thrusters. The propeller rotates 360∞ around the vertical axis so that the thruster can perform both the propulsion and steering duties for a vessel

Controllable Pitch Propellers (CPP)Propellers

Rolls-Royce is a market leader in the supply of Kamewa® and Bird-Johnson™ Fixed-Pitch (FP) and Controllable-Pitch (CP) propellers, workwheels and the Adjustable Bolted Propeller (ABP).

[image - A3 Waterjet, upfront view, bucket up] Aluminium and stainless steel waterjets with powers from 100kW to over 40MWRolls-Royce Kamewa waterjets

Our Kamewa waterjets are available in aluminium and stainless steel, from 100kW to over 40MW.

Rolls-Royce tunnel thrusters - standard range Tunnel thrusters

The Rolls-Royce range of tunnel thrusters is available with fixed-pitch or controllable-pitch propellers and a power range from 200kW to 3,700kW.


Promas is an integrated propeller rudder system that offers increased propulsive efficiency without any loss in manoeuvrability. The propeller and the rudder are considered as one propulsion unit and are designed together for optimum propulsive efficiency.

Azimuthing electrical podded propulsorsAzimuthing electrical podded propulsor

The Rolls-Royce electrical pod, type Mermaid, propulsion system offers flexibility. The pod propulsion system is available from 4 - 27 MW.

Combined with a technology and skills base accumulated over 100 years, Rolls-Royce today has the broadest range of propulsion products, services and expertise in the world

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