Generator sets

Diesel and gas engines in the Bergen range can also be supplied as packaged generator sets for marine propulsion or auxiliary power.

Bergen C25:33 Diesel generator setBergen C25:33L Diesel generator set

The latest 'Clean Design' C25:33 engines not only meet IMO Nox targets, but power output has been increased to 330kW per cylinder. 6, 8 and 9 cylinder versions are available. Electrical output 1,370 - 2,880kW.

Bergen B32:40 Diesel generator setBergen 32:40 Diesel generator set

In 2006 the first B32:40 engines with Tier 2 certification entered service. These stringent levels are met with no additional off-engine features. 6,8,9,V12 and V16 engines are available. Electrical output 2,765 - 7,680kW.

Bergen C25:33 Diesel generator setBergen C26:33 Gas generator set

Following the success of the gas-fuelled versions of the Bergen K and B-series engines a gas version of the reliable C-series is now under development Electrical output 1,250 - 2,200kW.

Bergen B32:40 generator setBergen 35:40 Gas generator set

The Bergen B35:40 Gas sets a new standard in low exhaust emissions and delivers outstanding electrical and heat recovery efficiencies in the 720-750rpm class, with outstanding reliability. V12 and V16 engines are available for the marine market. Electrical output 4,890 - 6,790kW.

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