Marine Spey gas turbine

Spey Marine gas turbine

The marine Spey is a high performance self-contained marine propulsion module suitable for a wide range of naval vessels.

Delivering up to 19.5MW, the Spey is derived from the successful TF41/Spey military and commercial aero-engines, which have accumulated over 4.5 million operational hours and includes technologies from the successful commercial Tay and RB211 engines. It is suitable for both main and cruise propulsion.

110 Marine Spey Main

A packaged module

The Spey brings substantial benefits to operators and shipbuilders alike. The module includes the Spey gas generator, power turbine, ancillary systems and fire protection systems all mounted on a fabricated steel base. 

This allows simple installation with the principle interfaces limited to the intake and uptake flanges, the hull mountings and the output shaft flange. The fully insulated enclosure reduces airborne sound/heat levels and provides NBCD containment.

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