RR4500 ship service generator

The RR4500 harnesses proven industrial and aero gas turbine technology to deliver 3.9 MW of electrical power in a compact and efficient package.

It takes its pedigree from the same engine family that produced the highly successful industrial and marine 501. The combustor is similar to the aero parent design ensuring the RR4500 has an exceptionally low emissions signature.

At its core the RR4500 is a single shaft, high-pressure ratio gas turbine engine with a fourteen-stage axial compressor and boost compressor module for optimum reliability.

Selected as the auxiliary gas turbine generator for the U.S. Navy's DDG-1000 Zumwalt class destroyer, the RR4500 is designed to meet all U.S. Navy requirements. Its associated transformational technologies, stand at the core of U.S. Navy capabilities and missions for the 21st century.


Rolls-Royce gas turbines are supported worldwide by the Rolls-Royce global service network, and a range of tailored maintenance packages are available. 

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