MT30 Marine gas turbine engine

MT30 Marine gas turbine

Designed for the 21st century

The MT30 brings today’s aero gas turbine technology to the marine market and gives operators of gas turbine-powered vessels efficiency and reliability improvements, with a highly competitive power-to-weight ratio and reduced operating and through-life costs.

Designed with 50 to 60 per cent fewer parts than other aero-derivative gas turbines in its class, the MT30 is ABS type approved at 36MW flat rated to 38°C and 40MW at 15°C (ISO) and is Lloyds approved and DNV design assessed. It maintains operating efficiency down to 25MW.  The MT30 can be configured for either mechanical or electrical drive.


The MT30 is a member of the Rolls-Royce Trent aero engine family that has accumulated over 30 million operating hours since entry into service in 1996. Trent engines have secured a 50 per cent share of the orders placed for new generation widebody aircraft, with over 3,800 engines sold.

MT30 heritage model   MT30 heritage model

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Capable and affordable

From the outset the MT30 has been designed to provide cost efficient propulsion for both commercial and naval applications.  Ideal for vessels requiring high power density, it provides the propulsion system designer with increased flexibility in terms of ship layout.  Vessel owners can also benefit from Rolls-Royce TotalCare, which provides a menu of tailored support options to cater for individual requirements.


The MT30 has been selected by the U.S. Navy to power the DDG 1000 multi-mission destroyer and has recently been selected to power ten Littoral Combat Ships for the U.S Navy. It will also power the Royal Navy’s future carriers and is an ideal option for large LNG tankers, fast logistic vessels and cruise ships.


  • 36MW flat rated to 38oC and 40MW at 15oC (ISO).
  • Excellent performance retention with no power loss between overhauls.
  • Member of the Trent engine family for high reliability.
  • Self-contained, single lift package.
  • Over 40% thermal efficiency.
  • Modular design for simplified engine maintenance.
  • Low emission levels.

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