Gas engines & gensets

The cleanest and most efficient piston engines available

Bergen lean-burn gas engines are the result of careful development based on over 25 years experience with the highly successful K-class gas engines.

This has ensured that Bergen gas engines are particularly robust, with a high degree of reliability and long intervals between overhaul. The lean-burn principle delivers high efficiency coupled with reduced exhaust emissions and low specific energy consumption.

Today the compact and robust Bergen gas engine range is available for powers from 1,460 to 7,000kW.

Bergen C26:33 gas engineBergen C26:33 gas engine

Power dense 6 and 9 cylinder in line engines for powers of 1,460 to 2,430kW

Bergen C25:33 Diesel generator setBergen C26:33 gas genset

Learn about the gas version of the reliable C-series, now available with electrical output 1,250 - 2,200kW.

Bergen B35:40 gas engineBergen B35:40 gas engine

The low emissions Bergen B gas engines for powers of 3,780 to 7,000kW.

[Image] Bergen B35:40 Gas Generator SetBergen B35:40 gas genset

V12 and V16 engines are available for the marine market. Electrical output 4,890 - 6,790kW.

Economical and ecological - IMO Tier 3 compliant

Bergen lean-burn gas engines are the cleanest and most efficient piston engines available today, and are classed for both marine propulsion applications and power generation onshore.

Compared to diesel engines that meet IMO Tier 2 emission levels, Bergen gas engines give an emissions reduction of 92 per cent NOx, close to 23 per cent in CO2 and virtually eliminate SOx and particulates, already meeting IMO Tier 3 requirements that will come into force from 2016.

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