With a growing range of prime movers, we offer a complete range of marine gas turbines, diesels and gas engines that comply with today's maritime standards. The latest developments from Rolls-Royce include the Bergen B32:40 and C25:33 diesels (which meet EPA Tier 2 emission regulations), the Bergen B35:40 gas engines and the powerful MT30.

Rolls-Royce diesel enginesDiesel engines & gensets

Our medium-speed Bergen diesel engine portfolio comprises established and newly developed models in the 1.8 to 8MW power range.

Rolls-Royce gas enginesGas engines & gensets

Bergen lean-burn gas engines are meeting the emerging market for low-emission propulsion and are the cleanest and most efficient on the market available in powers from 1.4 to 7MW.

MT30 marine gas turbineMarine gas turbines

The gas turbine range delivers powers from 3.9 to 40MW . Rolls-Royce has delivered more marine gas turbines into naval service than any other manufacturer. The MT30 has now been selected to power the Royal Navy's new aircraft carriers.

As the pioneer of aero-derivative gas turbines for surface-ship propulsion, we continue to support and exploit gas turbine technology with the development of the MT30, the world's most powerful marine gas turbine.

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