Oceanographic & scientific research

Automated handling systems for oceanographic vessels

Following the acquisition of ODIM, we now have the capability to deliver complete automated handling systems for well intervention in addition to our current range of ship design and integrated systems solutions. Systems comprising engines, propellers, thrusters, steering gear, rudders, stabilisers, deck machinery and automation & control systems.

Drawing on years of experience
ODIM has, during several years, produced unique traction solutions that enable the use of fibre rope as a substitute for steel wire when working at great sea depths. Thus, the fibre rope's light weight is effectively utilised to handle larger payloads.

Deck machinery for oceanographic vessels

Control systems, winches and over-board systems are designed for the specific needs on vessels used in oceanography and deep-sea operations. Among the benefits are integrated solutions that free the floor the floor space and increase safety for those working on deck as well as the expensive underwater equipment.

Tailor-made solutions
We deliver complete tailor-made solutions, including our patented and field proven cable traction control unit technology to the Oceanographic market.

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