Deck machinery solutions

Rolls-Royce provides the widest range of deck machinery in the industry - we manufactured our first hydraulic winch back in 1942.

Today, our winch and launch and recovery systems set the standard in the offshore sector, now enhanced with seismic and subsea systems, following the acquisition of ODIM in 2010. We also supply modular and specialist winches for merchant, tug, fishing and naval applications.

Automated handling systems for Anchor-Handling & Tug Supply vesselsDeck machinery for offshore vessels

Deck machinery solutions for seismic, subsea/deepwater, well intervention, PSVs and AHTS vessels.

Deck machinery solutions for Merchant vesselsDeck machinery for merchant vessels

Rolls-Royce offer tailor-made winch solutions from a range of standard modules that are light, compact and easy to install, delivering real value for money.

Deck machinery solutions for Naval vesselsNaval deck machinery systems

Specialist towed sensor handling systems and replenishment-at-sea systems for naval applications

Deck machinery solutions for Fishing vesselsDeck machinery for fishing vessels

Tailor-made winch systems for trawlers, purse seiners, long liners, Scottish seiners, multi-purpose, and fishing research vessels.

Deck machinery for rigs and fixed platformsDeck machinery for rigs, FPSOs & fixed platforms

Positioning mooring and well intervention systems for safe and profitable operation.

Deck machinery for oceanographic & research vesselsOceanographic & scientific research

Complete automated handling systems for oceanographic vessels.

We are one of only a few suppliers worldwide to offer low-pressure hydraulic, high-pressure hydraulic and electric drive options within our modular winch portfolio enabling our systems to be closely matched to the requirements of the vessel.

Ongoing product development will see the application of permanent magnet motor technology in the future.

Safety is our focus

To ensure safe operation and reliable performance, our products are subjected to rigorous testing at our factories in Norway and Canada.

We are a founder member of the world’s leading Offshore Simulator centre in Alesund, Norway, testing equipment operation techniques under realistic but safe conditions and for training crews in safe operation and for emergencies.

Our equipment is tailored for a broad range of applications including; offshore, merchant, naval, fishing, as well as deck machinery solutions for rigs, floating platform supply and offloading and platforms.

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