Deck machinery for subsea & deepwater

Skandi Santos - a subsea equipment support vessel (SESV)

Complete automated handling systems for subsea vessels

Following the integration of ODIM in 2010, we have the capability to deliver complete automated handling systems for subsea vessels, together with integrated systems and vessel design.

Delivering efficiency for deepwater installations

As the number of wells in deep waters continues to grow, our unique, multi-purpose aft deck systems can be integrated into unified solutions that meet specific operating requirements and maximise operating efficiency and productivity.

Rolls-Royce deck machinery for subsea & deepwater vessels

We constantly strive to improve the way we work and harness innovation so we can partner with customers to enhance their operations and help meet future challenges, establishing new ways of working safely at even greater depths.

Our ability to provide equipment that uses fibre rope and active heave compensation enables vessels to execute operations in deep waters, even in harsh weather conditions, extending the time they can remain on station and their operational area.

Deepwater installation is still expected to experience strong growth. The number of wells in waters of more then 1,500 metres depth will increase substantially in coming years, creating a need for a number of offshore construction and installation vessels capable of operating in deep seas.

Fields in ultra-deep water (more than 1,500m) lie primarily off the West coast of Africa, in the Gulf of Mexico and off the coast of Brazil.

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