Deck machinery for seismic vessels

Seismic - Automated handling systems for seismic vessels

Complete automated handling systems for seismic vessels

Following the integration of ODIM, we have the capability to deliver complete automated handling systems for seismic research vessels as well as the vessel design and integrated systems.

Our cable handling systems are among the most reliable on the market and over the years have become the industry standard. We work closely with customers to design the ships aft deck, and tailor the equipment fit to the exact requirement, using innovative systems and components designed for efficiency, reliability and long service life.

Rolls-Royce deck machinery for seismic vessels

Previously, Rolls-Royce provided UT-series ship designs for seismic vessels, together with their main propulsion, manoeuvring and control systems.

Odim had developed and manufactured the special winches and other equipment needed for handling streamer arrays, as well as equipment for bottom seismic surveys.

Now, Rolls-Royce can offer complete solutions including vessel design; or alternatively integrated systems and products separately, as is the case with most of the company’s range.

The product portfolio for seismic vessels has been expanded to include; Electromagnetic Systems (EM), Ocean Bottom Cable Systems (OBC) and Ocean Bottom Node Systems (OBN).

The new equipment range includes the winches and fairleads for deploying and recovering the reflected from sub-seabed geological features handling systems for the sound sources that produce the echoes and the innovative control systems that allow winches to be operated and synchronised with the minimum of risk to the deck crew.

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