Deck machinery for AHTS vessels

Deck machinery solutions for Anchor-Handling & Tig Supply vessels

A complete system provider

Our product range has evolved over 40 years, which means that today we can supply fully engineered solutions for virtually any offshore application and match it to a UT ship design. Equipment is designed and manufactured to operate in the toughest conditions and to operate at greater depths - safety as our first priority.

Constant innovation in anchor handling systems design has seen the introduction active heave compensation, the remote cable lifter changer and torpedo anchor handling for anchors that weigh over 100 tonnes.

Rolls-Royce deck machinery for AHTS vessels

Our Safer deck Operations provide the safest possible working environment for operators and our TowCon control systems deliver precise control and monitoring. We also provide simulator training to ensure crews are able to safely handle routine and unexpected operating conditions.

As oil exploration moves to even deeper waters we continue to developed the technologies to meet the challenges. The recent integration of ODIM has added an exciting range of equipment for a range of new applications, enhancing our deck machinery systems capability.

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