Replenishment-at-Sea Systems

Replenishment at Sea (RAS)

For over 50 years Rolls-Royce has supplied a range of underway replenishment (UNREP) systems for the transfer of solids (RAS(S)) and liquids (RAS(L)) for NATO navies.

Today's systems are semi-automated, all-electric systems and have been developed to complement our conventional abeam and astern refuelling rigs. A new replenishment-at-sea system (HRAS)is being developed that will permit loads of up to 6 tonnes to be safely transferred between ships.

Where liquids and solids are required to be transferred at the same time our dual capacity high performance rig is the ideal solution and can safely operate up to sea-states 6 and 7. A liquids only system is supplied for fleet tanker installation. As both systems are semi-automatic, one man at the control console on the supply ship operates all winches and controls the re-supply or refuelling operation.

System features

  • Conform to Lloyds Naval Rules and Def Stan 07-279 (NES 114)
  • All-electric for low manning and low maintenance
  • Semi-automatic operation for improved safety
  • Capable of operating up to sea-state 7 (Liquids)
  • In service with 12 navies

Moveable HighPoints (MHP)
Moveable HighPoints are also part of the Roll-Royce supply and give ships the ability to receive liquid or solid transfers. They are simple to operate and normally custom designed to ensure the reception points are at the correct height relative to the distance from the deck edge.

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