Naval deck machinery systems

The range of Rolls-Royce naval winch systems expanded in 2010 with the integration of the Canadian based operations of Odim Spectrum and Odim Brooke Ocean.

Specialised equipment for undersea operations is the focus for systems that included towed array sonar, torpedo defence and mine countermeasures. Launch and Recovery systems (LARS) for unmanned vehicles (UAV) have also been developed.

Deck machinery for Replenishment-at-Sea vesselsReplenishment-at-Sea Systems

Latest refuelling-at-sea systems designed to operate safely and efficiently in challenging sea conditions.

[image] Towed sensor handling - naval systemsTowed sensor handling systems

Advanced light weight sensor handling systems are designed and developed for towing submerged detection devices from surface ships or deploying them from helicopters.

A growing number of the world’s navies are selecting our equipment. A key factor is our experience and expertise in designing lightweight, innovative and reliable sensor handing solutions for naval helicopters and surface ships.

These new product complement our established range of all electric replenishment-at-sea and fuelling-at-sea systems in service with the Royal Fleet Auxiliary and other international navies. The development of a new system capable of transferring 5 tonne loads for the UK Royal Navy is now well advanced.

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