Deck machinery for merchant vessels

Anchoring and mooring winches

The Rolls-Royce concept offers tailor-made winch solutions from a range of standard modules that are light, compact and easy to install, delivering real value for money.

Modular designs coupled with our global production and distribution centres located close to the world's main shipbuilding centres, means short lead times.

Deck machinery solutions for merchant vessels

Select from all-electric, high-pressure or low-pressure hydraulic drive options to match your requirements. Each winch is built of modules that include the drum, shafting with accessories, brake, bearing bracket, warping end, gear and drive.

Towing winches and systems for harbour tugs
Towing and escort winches can be supplied with a number of different drive options including low and high pressure hydraulic and all-electric. They are compact, rugged and reliable.

Frequency-controlled winches using technology from our anchoring and mooring packages supplied for cruise ships, are a worthwhile option for some tug applications and have a number of advantages: easier installation; reduced start-up costs, space savings, greater freedom of deck layout and immediate availability for use.

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