Deck machinery for fishing vessels

Fishing winches

Rolls-Royce offers a complete system of deck machinery for all kinds of fishing vessels. The solution includes winches, Syncro Autotrawl, winch monitoring and control systems, and a choice of different winch drives.

Fishing vessel NVC 349 design

The power source of the drives can be electric, low-pressure hydraulic or high-pressure hydraulic according to customer requirements. The most commonly used drive system is the low-pressure hydraulic, which has a robust construction and is easy to operate.

The low-pressure system also provides advantages of step-less speed regulation, low maintenance costs and flexible arrangement.

The new high-torque hydraulic motor for direct driven trawl winches from 6 tonnes to 75 tonnes provides advantages including; no gear transmission, less maintenance, higher shooting speed and very smooth running. All winch systems are delivered with remote controls.

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