Propeller shaft bearings and thrust blocks

Bearings and seals

Plummer bearings

Standard or bespoke designs can be supplied depending on the project specification. Radial loads can be supported on whitemetal (or babbitt) lined journal bushes (parallel or spherical seating) or whitemetal lined tilting journal pads in cases of high dynamic misalignment.

The standard ranges is available in varying shaft diameters for both merchant and naval applications and can be either pedestal mounted or centre-flange mounted depending on the shipyard requirement.

Thrust blocks

Both free-standing main propeller shaft thrust bearings and thrust bearing internal assemblies are available. They utilise the whitemetal (babbitt) or PTFE faced tilting thrust pad principle and can be supplied with or without integral journal bearings. Self-contained sea-water cooled designs are supplied in addition to forced oil/circulating oil cooling, using an external lubrication system.

Thrust blocks are generally designed to suit the application and can be supplied pedestal mounted or with a centre flange and can be supplied complete with shafting if required.


  • Both standard and bespoke designs are available depending on the application
  • Pedestal or wing-mounting options available
  • Special end seals can be fitted to prevent oil leakage and permit continued operation under flooded compartment conditions
  • Bearings are designed with whitemetal bush or tilting pads

Michell propeller shaft bearings are self-contained, with cooling by natural air or water using a high efficiency heat exchanger immersed in the oil sump. A complete service is offered covering initial assessment, conceptual through to detailed design, manufacture, integrated logistics and through-life support.

Michell Bearings are used by over 35 navies worldwide. Further information is available at

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