Bearings & seals

Part of the Rolls-Royce Group, Michell Bearings is a premier designer and manufacturer of whitemetal (or babbitt) and PTFE-faced hydrodynamic bearings for a wide variety of marine and industrial applications.

Bulk head sealing glandsBulkhead sealing glands

Michell design and manufacture whitemetal (babbitt) lined, spherically seated bulkhead glands complete with grease pumps.

Propeller shaft bearings and thrust blocksPropeller shaft bearings and thrust blocks

Plummer bearings are offered as standard or bespoke designs depending on the project specification. Free-standing main propeller shaft thrust bearings and thrust-bearing internal assemblies are available.

Thrust metering and resonance changing equipmentThrust-metering & resonance-changing equipment

Hydraulic thrust-metering equipment can be incorporated in Michell thrust bearings to provide a simple way of measuring propeller thrust.


  • Bespoke designs suit all applications - small fast patrol craft to aircraft carriers and submarines

  • Compact and highly reliable

  • Self-contained and force-lubricated designs available

  • Shock resistant

  • Negligible noise/vibration signatures

Michell Bearings provide a complete service covering initial assessment, concept, detailed design, manufacture, integrated logistics and through-life support.

Michell Bearings are installed on vessels covering more than 35 navies worldwide. For further information visit the Michell Bearings website

Typical applications

Marine applications include the supply of equipment for:

Naval vessels

  • Cruise vessels

  • Ferries

  • Merchant ships

  • Offshore oil/gas

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