Bulkhead sealing glands

Bearings and seals

Michell design and manufacture whitemetal (babbitt) lined, spherically seated bulkhead glands complete with grease pumps. These components provide a limited leakage seal at the point where the propeller shaft pierces the bulkhead in the event of operating under flooded compartment conditions.

A major advantage of the Michell design is that it operates in the same way as a conventional bearing throughout its operating life with no wearing parts. It accepts radial movements of up to 40mm and angular movement of ±10° and does not require activation in the event of a flooded compartment condition.


  • Bespoke designs suit all applications from small fast patrol craft to aircraft carriers, submarines, VLCC's, cruise ships and 'mega' yachts.
  • Compact and highly reliable
  • Self contained and force lubricated if required
  • Shock resistant
  • Low noise/vibration characteristics
  • 'Always-active' seal designs

Further information is available at http://www.michellbearings.com/

Marine applications include the supply of equipment for:

  • Naval vessels
  • Cruise vessels
  • Ferries
  • Merchant ships
  • Offshore oil/gas
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