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Rolls-Royce invests heavily in both training facilities and training courses to make sure that customers get the most out of a vessel’s equipment and systems, and also ensures they are operated and maintained efficiently and safely.

Training centres have been established at key locations around the world. Here, customers’ employee's, and typically the crews of vessels, can familiarise themselves with the equipment they will operate and maintain.

Typically, training courses involve hands-on instruction on actual hardware and software, and operational training using simulators.

Many vessels now have dynamic positioning systems and to meet the growing training requirement Rolls-Royce has developed a range of state-of-art simulators to enable vessel operators to develop the necessary skills and practice for future offshore operations under safe, controlled and realistic conditions.

Stand-alone DP trainers

Rolls-Royce also supplies  DP trainers, including complete bridge layouts, to individual shipowners so that they can provide their own in-house training courses.

For more detailed information, please see our customer product training courses

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