Integrated bridge systems

Integrated bridge systems

Integrated control solutions with an advanced human/machine interface for ease of control.

The workstations are built up from modules and a range of standard components to suit the ship owner’s requirements which, can be fitted into new or existing aft and forward bridges.

All systems work together via the Rolls-Royce integrated network where information and control signals are exchanged safely, and the integrity of each system is secured.

Integrated Bridge System

Rolls-Royce simplifies operations and physically positions the system closer to the operator. Control levers are placed ergonomically, allowing the operator to work sitting or standing.

The intuitive design and common look and feel of menus increases both operator performance and overall operational safety

The intuitive design combined with common look and feel menus increase both operator performance and overall operational safety.

Rolls-Royce integrated bridge systems include:

  • Propeller, thrusters and steering gear Controls
  • Ship Automation System 
  • Ship Operation Mode selection
    • Ship E0 Alarm System 
    • Cargo and Machinery Control
    • Fuel System Control & Monitoring (LNG) 
    • Ship Load and Stability Monitoring
  • Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Independent joystick
  • Navigation
  • Communication
  • Bridge auxiliaries

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