Automation and control

Our automation and control solutions comprise of a range of integrated systems and individual products suitable for virtually every vessel type.

We start at the ship’s bridge and the human machine interface, with ergonomic control levers and joysticks, visual displays and alarms.

Systems receive the commands from the bridge personnel, order the propulsion and other ship equipment to carry out these commands, verify that the machinery has responded and indicate the status of the various systems, for total control. 

Integrated bridge systemsIntegrated bridge systems

Controls multiple functions and includes bridge and engine control room consoles and displays, plus Captain’s chair with controls in armrests.

PropulsionPropulsion controls

Control equipment for Rolls-Royce propulsion equipment installations - engines, controllable pitch propellers, tunnel and azimuth thrusters, rudders and waterjets.

AutomationAutomation systems

Tailored for a wide range of control and monitoring functions, including auxiliary machinery and tank monitoring.

PositioningPositioning systems

User friendly joystick or DP1 and DP2 systems to accurately maintain ship position, or track despite wind, waves and current.

Simulator trainingSimulation and training

For ongoing safe ship operation crews can regularly train on the latest simulators at our customer training centres.

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