Highlights taken from Nor-Shipping 2013

[Image - Banner] Highlights taken from Nor-Shipping 2013

Norshipping 2013

Understanding - your business - your mission - your future

Nor-Shipping once again proved to be a huge success, giving us the opportunity to meet customers past and present, as well as future customers to discuss innovative systems for improving the operating efficiency of your vessels and reducing emissions.

Our spark ignition gas engines using LNG fuel have a proven track record in demanding marine applications,  and are specified for a variety of vessels from ferries to specialised cargo carriers and offshore vessels in operation, on order and recently delivered.  These gas engines enable you to easily meet ECA requirements.

Ship efficiency can also be raised by using our Promas integrated propulsion system for vessels with conventional shaftlines, either for newbuilds or for upgrading of existing vessels.

Now we have extended the Promas principle to include a special nozzle. Promas with Nozzle is attractive for vessels that have to operate in several modes, such as offshore AHTS or tugs, where there is a need for improved bollard pull combined with a higher efficiency at free-running speeds.

LNG fuel, Promas and other systems come together in the award-winning Rolls-Royce Environship concept. The combination of a low resistance hull with a bow design offering excellent performance in head seas, high efficiency gas engines  and other fuel saving features is used in a family of low emissions cargo carrier designs ideally suited to intensive coastal and short sea operations.

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