Automation & Control user conference

This event took place 6-7 February 2013 in Aalesund, Norway at the Rolls-Royce Technology and Training Centre

[Image] Rolls-Royce Automation & Control User Conference, Aalesund, Norway

Rolls-Royce has a growing number of Automation & Control systems in operation. It is increasingly important to work closely with our customers and listen to feedback. As a customer of Rolls-Royce and operator of our Automation & Control products and systems, you hold a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Rolls-Royce values your feedback on products such as dynamic positioning (ICON), joystick (POSCON), propulsion control (Helicon-X3) and integrated automation systems (ACON). From an operational perspective you can see what Rolls-Royce should improve.

This Automation & Control conference provided an opportunity to provide your feedback on Rolls-Royce products and influence tomorrow’s solutions. Your participation and experience was essential to the success of this event.

Rolls-Royce presented current offerings and future concepts for Automation & Control and customer training. Major suppliers also presented a wide range of products, both current and future releases.

The objective was to have an open, two-way dialogue between our customers and technical personnel from Rolls-Royce. Our personnel from development, engineering and service departments were available to answer your questions and take on board your valuable suggestions for improving Rolls-Royce products and systems.

Conference presentations

Presentations from the conference are provided here for your reference. For effective download these are provided in low resolution. Higher resolution presentations are available upon request. 

  1. Customer & Product Training
    Frode Berntsen - Rolls-Royce
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  2. DP with Closed Bus-Bar ERN Calculations
    Aleks Karlsen - DNV
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  3. End User Focus - Offshore Construction Vessels
    Ivar Knutsen - Boatlab
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  4. Fanbeam & Laser Positioning for OSVs
    Keith Park - MDL
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  5. Integrating INS and GNSS for DP
    Richard Turner - PP-Veripos
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  6. Maritime Operations - Simulator Training
    Per Lindseth - Aalesund University College
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  7. Microwave Sea Reflection
    Adrian Wild - Guidance Ltd.
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  8. New Integrated Navigation System
    Torkell Opedal - Furuno
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 

  9. RRM Product Support Services
    Alastair Macquarrie - Rolls_Royce
    Download PDF Link opens in a new window 


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