Rolls-Royce offshore crane wins Innovation of the Year

The Rolls-Royce dual draglink offshore crane has been voted ‘Innovation of the year’ by readers of Offshore Support Journal, announced at the 2013 annual OSJ Conference.

[Image] PSV with dual draglink offshore crane 

At the same event the Rolls-Royce designed UT 754 WP platform supply vessel Far Solitaire received the ‘ Support vessel of the year’ award. The vessels Norway-based owner Farstad Shipping was nominated ‘Shipowner of the year’.

The new cranes parallelogram linkage formed by the boom and two links allows the hook to be positioned anywhere in a much larger working envelope than the alternative knuckleboom layout. Other advantages include increased lifting height with efficient vertical and horizontal load handling.

Versions incorporating very effective active heave compensation (AHC) are available. The first AHC pedestal dual draglink crane is being supplied to Olympic Shipping and can handle 50t loads at an outreach of 8m, or 20t on a 20m arm.

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