Shore-based testing

Management and operation of the Royal Navy's land based nuclear reactor (Vulcan Shore Test Facility) at the Ministry of Defence owned site, Dounreay in Scotland is undertaken by Roll-Royce.

For over 40 years Vulcan has been the cornerstone of the Royal Navy's nuclear propulsion programme, testing and proving the operation of four generations of reactor core.

The test facility saw the first operation of all PWR1 and PWR2 Royal Navy reactor core types. Its reactors have significantly led the operational submarine plants in terms of operating hours, proving systems, procedures, and safety. The testing of the first long life core commenced in 2002 and continues to provide important data to Rolls-Royce and the MoD regarding core performance

Vulcan has adopted many different roles in support of the UK's submarine fleet over the years, including a…

  • Test bed for evolving reactor technology.
  • Proving plant for sea-going equipment.
  • Training facility for nuclear submarine engineers.
  • Test rig for equipment including main coolant pumps
  • Equipment overhaul
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