Submarines propulsion

Nuclear propulsionNuclear propulsion

We have been involved in nuclear submarine propulsion since it's inception in the 1950's …

Shore-based testingShore-based testing

Management and operation of the Royal Navy's land based nuclear reactor (Vulcan Shore Test Facility) at Dounreay in Scotland is undertaken by Rolls-Royce.…

We are the pioneer of one of the most important technological advances in naval propulsion - the use of nuclear propulsion for the Royal Navy's submarine flotilla.

As the UK Technical Authority for the Nuclear Steam Raising Plant, we manage all aspects of the plant design, safety, manufacture, performance and through-life support.

This role is undertaken in close co-operation with the Ministry of Defence to achieve maximum benefits to the submarine programme - improving affordability, reliability, availability, and sustainability.

Safety support covers the complete plant life cycle from new build and plant life extension to decommissioning, and includes the provision of integrated whole submarine safety.

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