Submarines capability

Involved in the naval nuclear programme since 1959 the business has built up a strong and proven pedigree in submarine propulsion which is recognised across the globe. Within our Submarines business, over 1,300 engineers play key roles in the design and support of the nuclear propulsion plant.

Our extensive nuclear experience has been a catalyst for innovative technologies, like the long-life core for the Astute class - which is believed to be a world first - and the propulsor, which incorporates pull through of commercial gas turbine technology to improve efficiency and significantly reduce weight.

Today the focus is reducing costs with no compromise in safety, as the design and build teams strive to meet future affordability requirements.


  • Engineering disciplines
  • Design
  • Stress analysis
  • Structural integrity assessment
  • Safety case development
  • Non-destructive examination (NDE)
  • Thermo-hydraulic analysis
  • Materials
  • Chemistry
  • Sustainability of skills

To fulfill the NSRP technical authority role we employ specialists in many engineering disciplines. A number are well respected in their field and play prominent roles in European and international collaborative groups, networks and projects.

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