Submarines propulsionSubmarines propulsion

We are the pioneer of one of the most important technological advances in naval propulsion - the use of nuclear propulsion for the Royal Navy's submarine flotilla…

Submarines capabilitySubmarines capability

Within the Rolls-Royce Submarines business, over 1,300 engineers play key roles in the design and support of the nuclear propulsion plant …

In 2007 we signed an innovative 10-year contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) worth £1 billion to help keep Royal Navy submarines at sea.

It covers support of nuclear powerplant systems on board the current fleet of Trafalgar and Vanguard class submarines and new Astute class submarines .

In 2012 a contract was awarded by the MoD covering the continued operation and maintenance of the core manufacturing facility at Raynesway in Derby and the complete regeneration of the existing facility. As a further signal of the long-term commitment to the submarine programme, in 2013 MoD and Rolls-Royce signed a ten-year Foundation Contract to deliver cost savings of up to £200 million to the customer in the provision of nuclear propulsion systems for the UK's existing and future submarine flotilla.

The new working arrangements respond to the Ministry's requirement for closer co-operation from its contractor base to better manage costs, as part of the Submarine Enterprise Performance Programme.

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