Platform Supply Vessels

Platform Supply Vessels (PSV)

We have over thirty years of experience of offshore vessel design, pioneering advances in propulsion and deck equipment technology to meet increasing demands in the offshore oil and gas industry.

The next generation UT-Design platform supply vessels (PSV) provide the shipowner and charterer with a range of vessels designed to be economical and effective, in addition to providing a safe environment for crews.

Flexible and efficient

Vessels can be equipped to carry normal supply cargoes – liquid, bulk, powder and solid. Stern ports can be specified for drive-onloading to suit operators’ requirements.

The inherent stability of the hull-form and configuration of the ballast system gives freedom in loading and discharging liquid/bulk cargoes. Tanks are segregated and designed for easy maintenance.

For a straight supply boat, the first propulsion choice would often be our Azipull thrusters with pulling propellers for main propulsion, in a diesel electric system.

Optimised hull-forms reduce hull resistance – providing greater fuel efficiency, and reduced CO2 emissions. Motions are controlled by the hull-form and passive tank stabilisation systems tailored to the proposed operation.

Safety on deck

Safety of crew at all times is paramount - the working deck of a PSV can be a hazardous environment, especially when discharging at a platform in bad weather.

The automatic sea-fastening system developed by Rolls-Royce moves and locks cargo on deck, such as pipes, containers and similar cargo without the presence of people.

Learn more about the Rolls-Royce Safer Deck Operations system

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