Supply and service

Our knowledge and expertise in hydrodynamics and electronics puts us in the unique position to supply the world’s most comprehensive range of propulsion and manoeuvring systems to offshore supply and service vessels.

Platform Supply VesselsPlatform Supply Vessels

We offer a broad range of PSVs, from small vessels with the most up-to-date features to larger complex vessels

Anchor-Handling Tug Supply (AHTS)Anchor-Handling Tug Supply Vessels

Our designs have been under constant development since then, and today more than 90 AHTS of UT-Design have been built for operations worldwide

Multi-Purpose Service Vessel (MPSV)Multi-Purpose Service Vessel

The UT-Design for MPSV is a stable platform for challenging offshore operations and provides excellent dynamic positioning capabilities.

Rescue VesselsRescue vessels

Specialised vessels including seismic research, cable-laying, emergency response, well-stimulation, well-intervention, smaller FPSOs, drilling vessels and rescue.

Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPV)Coastal patrol vessels

The offshore industry has been a key factor in our design of technology-intensive and multifunctional vessels.

Cable Laying VesselsCable laying vessels

In addition to the UT-Design itself, many Rolls-Royce products are extremely well adapted to cable-laying vessels, and typically customers specify a design and equipment package.

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